An Invitation to Join the Canadian Women’s Network

In 2017, a group of Canadian women in the Bay Area got together for dinner. Some had lived there for decades, while others were just beginning to make the Bay Area their home. 

Our first dinner was at Karen’s house— always a special treat. That night the menu started with an invitation: would the group be interested in speaking with, meeting with, and opening up their network to Canadian female founders?  

Our next dinner was at May’s palace in San Francisco— such a gem and Canada should be so proud of her tenacity! She hosted us in her killer apartment, serving red and white wine and a beautiful spread of delicious canapes. We dove into the details of our previous discussion. How would it work? Who else should we invite? And, most importantly, when could we get started!? 

Finally, Tracie welcomed us to her gorgeous home in Hillsborough. Landon and Catherine, who had joined for all three dinners, were leading the discussion and figuring out how to best launch what we decided to call the Canadian Women’s Network. Michele and Jodi, two key ecosystem builders from Toronto, were in town and joined us and said “yes! This is awesome, how can we help?” (Yes, Canadians are really this nice and always want to help).

The group made a commitment to join together and tap into their respective extensive Silicon Valley networks to give Canadian women founders access to the expertise and experience needed to build a successful startup— and do it 10 or 20 times faster than it would take them on their own.

After a series of programs and workshops, in 2021 the Canadian Women’s Network launched an online membership platform with the goal of connecting Canadian women founders with global leaders to help them scale and grow even faster. 

As many of the women featured in this issue have remarked in their stories, if you reach out to women in the tech industry you will find support. In fact, reaching out is the best way to get started in this industry. Whether you’re just starting your business or looking for help to scale your business, whether you’re looking for mentorship or for business insights and expertise, there’s a network of women keen to help.

Our vision is to coach, inspire, connect, and champion women working in startups. And we sincerely hope you will join us!

Visit to join our membership of amazing Canadian women building global game-changing businesses and connect into our unrivaled network in Silicon Valley— and beyond! 

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