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Meet some of the disruptive companies you’ll be able to Interact with at the SingularityU Canada Summit


With most users in front of a screen for 10 hours or more per day, our eyes are often tired and crying out for help and UMay Care is here to solve that. UMay Care has developed an advanced eye mask, UMay Rest, that can stand up to our modern technology use.

Currently, the options for treating the effects of excessive screen time are limited.. Armed with research-backed technology that found thermal therapy can help restore eye health, UMay created an eye mask that employs heat to help relieve stress and reduce and rewind the effects of screen time including fatigue, eye strain, and other negative mental impacts.


Circuit Stream is disrupting the way people think about training through their customized virtual reality training services. This up and coming technology has been proven to make content more engaging and effective, allowing individuals and companies to learn what they need to without the boredom, burnout, and ineffective nature associated with traditional training options.

Circuit Stream also offers fast-track courses with one-on-one instruction time to teach students how to create their own VR and AR applications. This is an incredible skill for a wide range of professionals and also potentially gives companies a cost and time efficient way to create a VR team from their existing staff.


Focused on creating work that helps users interact with the world around them, Impossible Things uses augmented reality for an incredible array of things once thought to be impossible. Or, at least things that seemed relegated to fantastical movie sequences and not something the average user could ever hope to experience.

Impossible Things has been able to gamify and reimagine art, literature, music and other traditionally 2-D experiences. This icludes everything from an immersive game designed to bring Shakespeare’s works to life, to interactive experiences like Athens Under, which is a “location based pervasive game designed for the Olympic Games in Athens.”


Lauren Voisin started Robots Are Fun when she was just eight years old in 2012 for the purpose of encouraging other young inventors to create and explore their own powers of innovation. The projects, experiments and other initiatives that Robots are Fun is involved in showcase what young makers and inventors can create with technology, instead of just consuming it.

Robots are Fun creates a variety of experiments, maker kits, and instructional videos to show other children how they can make robots fun too. Robots are Fun is helping lead the way for a generation that is disruption-minded. Their instructional videos that help kids see how robots and individual components work together is designed to inspire now and into the future.


Frettable is helping musicians record and share their creations in new and exciting ways that meet the needs of our digital world. With the Frettable app, a musician is able to record their instrument, then machine learning and artificial intelligence components are used to transform that audio into sheet music and MIDI files. It’s then easier than ever to share it online and collaborate with other musicians on Frettable’s social platform.

The social aspect of Frettable and access to other musicians’ public works allows for two key innovations: simple collaboration that is unrestricted by location and a digital chain of authorship. Even if a work is made public and other musicians add to it, each collaborator’s name is added to the song’s authorship to ensure credit is given. Social components also give musicians a platform to comment, receive feedback and even have their work noticed by a global audience.


MANA Nutrition is changing the way we treat severe hunger and malnutrition in the most at-risk areas of the world. MANA Nutrition has created an affordable, accessible, ready-to-use, therapeutic food and other enriched products to treat malnutrition. These unique pastes do not need refrigeration, require minimal space to store and ship, and combine a calorie-dense blend of peanut butter, milk powder, and essential vitamins that can be administered quickly to help malnourished children get critical nutrients to restore health. In the world’s poorest countries and communities this has led to incredible success stories of severely malnourished children being able to gain weight and continue progress to mental development that was once stunted by acute hunger.


Prosthetics can be costly and present difficulties even in the best of circumstances, but those with amputations in developing countries face especially difficult access to replacement limbs. The Victoria Hand Project is changing that with prosthetics for upper limb amputees, which are created with cost-effective materials and 3D laser scanning and printing.

These prosthetics allow recipients to regain a higher quality of life and access to employment in many cases. VHP also outfits the countries they work in (Cambodia, Ecuador, Egypt, Haiti, Guatemala, Nepal, Uganda) with at least two 3D printers, a laser scanner, computers and training. The Victoria Hands are produced in each country by local healthcare staff who then fit them to amputees. The engineering and testing are done in Canada, and the digital files are transferred to each country, where the fabrication and fitting take place. This leads to increased technology and employment options for in-country care providers.


REinVR is re-imagining how we shop for and experience the properties we buy and build. Using advanced VR technology, REinVR has made it possible for buyers to get an immersive and accurate view of what a home is like before ever stepping foot in it.

This is an invaluable tool for homebuilders who have always had the problem of not being able to adequately showcase what an unbuilt home will look like. Existing homes are sometimes not much easier as they require more time and resources to show for both the agents selling them and the buyers who must travel to different sites.


Cloud DX’s simple value proposition could mean life-changing and life-saving results. The company’s innovative use of technology to gather high-volume and quality data results from health monitoring devices has the potential to detect issues earlier which could save healthcare costs and improve and extend quality of life for millions.

Using artificial intelligence and a range of next-generation technologies, Cloud DX is creating health monitoring devices and solutions for individuals and medical facilities. These technologies allow for instant integration and record keeping which dramatically reduces the chance for human error in health records and also creates a cohesive collaboration between clinic and home health monitoring. The result is better data for better health.

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