The Last Word

By Adam Hofmann, VP of Marketing, Singularity University

Are you excited about the future of Canadian technology? If you’re not, then you haven’t been paying attention. We are on the verge of what is shaping up to be a pretty cool boom in technology and I’m so grateful to be on the journey and to be a partner to so many innovative thinkers. Just this year alone, we have seen Canadian innovation begin to transform everything from big-picture things like healthcare aided by smartphones, and making frustrating tasks like buying a mattress more affordable and accessible thanks to a virtual marketplace dedicated to sleeping comfortably. 

As a marketing lead at Singularity University, I have had the wonderful opportunity to bridge the gap between consumers and technology. Helping to create this connection and ensuring we are connecting in a way that is meaningful, makes me appreciate how Disruption is bridging the gap between the present and future of technology in Canada: with meaning, purpose, and excitement for all the amazing things coming from our very own country.  

I am consistently in awe of the innovative Canadian spirit and the incredible tech stories coming from the makers, thinkers, and innovators of our time. Each story featured in this issue leaves me feeling full of purpose, and hopeful for our future as a nation. 

I am especially amazed by, and proud, of our Canadian partners when I hear so many leaders in technology and innovation talk about the ways their companies, products, and research will help people. In this issue, we heard from Celeyste Power, the Vice President of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, who has used her position to advocate for insurance products that will make life easier and more affordable for consumers. 

Telling stories and showing the faces behind disruptive technologies shows that technology is not a cold or sterile thing; it is about life and a specific kind of hope–an anything-is-possible one. One where people do not simply set things in motion and cross our fingers, but instead where we work creating, modifying, and iterating until we arrive at something that serves us well. It is a hope we build ourselves.

Even as we face times of turbulence and transformation, the actionable hope that disruptive technologies provide gives us the tools we need to mold out future into one that benefits us all nationally and globally. With so many great minds working together, I can’t wait to see what else Canadian technology has in store next.

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