The Last Word

And there you have it. You are part of the radical thinking shift that is taking place in our society today by reading Disruption Magazine Canada.

What a privilege it is for me to be your last word for the first issue of this magazine. Innovative technologies are becoming more available and change is happening fast. You will either disrupt or be disrupted in less than 10 years. Scary? Perhaps. But let us focus on the abundance and opportunity this will create.

As you just read, innovations will change the very way we do things, the way we store information and how we conduct business in our everyday lives. Innovators are using these same technologies to achieve break- throughs in healthcare, education, food and water. Economic, social and environmental challenges are being met with creative solutions.

As a leader in business, it’s my job to stay on top of what technology will work best for my company, employees and customers. Gaining insight into what’s new and what’s next is an invaluable asset to my company and many others as each of us strives to be reenergized by change instead of daunted by it.

Looking out into the future, it’s important that I recognize the opportunities that can specifically improve the impact we create for consumers and humanity. Placing bets on the technologies that will be the game changers, learning and adapting as we enter new ground. At the core of all of this is creating more and more value for everyone.

I must take a minute to say I’m particularly excited and proud of the fact that the publication that will be bringing us all these innovations is produced right here in Canada. As Ethereum, another Canadian ground- breaker, brings us smart contracts, it seems only fitting that the first magazine on disruptive technology would also come from the great white north. With that, I’ll leave you with this last word: Join the disruption conversation. Let’s explore together and lead this expedition though innovation. Just as my company, Rocky Mountain Soap, challenges people to take a toxin-free movement in their beauty products, this magazine is a journey through the innovation terrain. I’m so excited to have started this conversation with all of you and can’t wait to continue the journey.

Continue to watch this space,
Karina Birch
CEO + C0-Founder, Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Karina Birch Rocky Mountain Soap Co.
Karina Birch is co-owner and CEO of Rocky Mountain Soap Co. She and her husband Cam nurtured the company from its beginnings in 2000, as a small shop in Canmore to now 11 retail stores and a 17,000 square foot workshop. Believing ‘what goes on the body, goes in the body,’ Rocky Mountain Soap creates small-batch beauty products using simple, natural and fresh ingredients.

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