Uber For Your Tasks

Taskify is here to help you get ahead with your global talent network

What would you do with 20 per cent of your day back? That’s the question we asked the 250 business leaders at the launch of Taskify on March 1. With Taskify, we also offer a solution.

Taskify is an online platform that offers people an easy way to work with freelancers and to have tasks completed by the top one per cent of talent in the global freelance market. Taskify takes out all of the guesswork that comes with hiring a freelancer: users simply input the task they need completed and some files, and Taskify project managers handle the rest: selecting a freelancer for the job, communicating with the freelancer, and delivering the project to the client on time and on budget.

Taskify is Uber for your tasks; it’s talent-on demand. Get someone else to do the task better and more efficiently than you can.

CompuVision’s CEO Ryan Vestby, Upwork’s Robert Merritt, Microsoft’s Paul Estes, and The Luxus Group’s Jared Smith formed a superstar panel at the launch to discuss how they use the global freelance market, and how it disrupted the way they do business—for the better.

Robert says that Upwork is its own biggest customer: it runs using 400 full time employees and over 1000 freelancers. Taskify itself is a product of the global freelance market: though its headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, everything on the backend was done by freelancers who live and work around the world.

For those hesitant to try out working with freelancers, Vestby advises starting with a small but meaningful task. “Go to a platform like Upwork or Taskify and submit a small task, tap into a skill set you don’t have internally. You’re talking to a freelancer, a human being, not a robot. Freelancers aren’t just for menial tasks, they’re for doing things you can’t do. They are professionals. They are good at asking questions to get the project done well.”

Estes, who’s been working with freelancers for years, thinks that this way of working will be essential for businesses in the near future; he already outsources over 50 tasks to save eight days a year. “Consumer behavior will start to make its way into the workplace,” Estes says. “The idea that you press a button or say a command to get something done will be the expectation at work too.” The same way that apps have digitized how we access things like transportation in food have changed the way we access talent for our workplaces.

Platforms like Taskify and Upwork can complement the workforce, not replace it, and the best thing is: small businesses have access to the exact same talent using these platforms that larger businesses do. “When necessary, reach beyond the local market,” Merritt says. “Platforms like Upwork are great levelers.”

“There’s never been a better time to be a small business and have access to the resources and talent that large businesses have, you might have even more flexibility and more of an advantage,” Estes says.

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Uber For Your Tasks
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Uber For Your Tasks
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