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As we round out our first year of publication at Disruption, we have asked timely questions of “why are we doing this? Why are we creating this magazine that brings to light new ways of doing things that could render our own company and industry obsolete?”

And, to be honest, the first time someone bluntly stated, “Disruption Magazine? “You mean Distraction Magazine, right?” It was not the greatest thing to hear…until it was.” Because, the thing is, this idea comes from a linear thinking mindset – a mindset that can’t even conceptualize what we’re attempting to accomplish. The fact that our goals and plans went against this way of thinking showed us we are on the right path — Disruption Magazine shows its readers an exponential future. And sometimes that future is hard to swallow.

So, yes, this magazine will be part of what runs the industry into the ground, and it will do it purposefully and spectacularly. All industries must be cannibalized to make room for greater things — we are scorching the earth to give the phoenix a place to rise from. To fight this will only leave us behind in the dark – unable to exercise our ability to adapt and without the flames of the phoenix to light our way. Because, along with a change to exponential thinking which will revolutionize how we see technology, we have also used Disruption to hone our Adversity Quotient (AQ). In an age when you can access the wealth of human knowledge with a few keystrokes, IQ, which emphasizes the importance of remembering facts and knowing how to use existing tools, simply isn’t that great of an asset. As little as a decade ago, those with IQ were able to meet the needs of the industry because information was not as readily available. Now, with technology doubling its capabilities every two years, we do not need someone who can remember a formula – we need people who can innovate new formulas to solve problems and anticipate the concerns of the future. It is no longer about memorizing the solution but finding it.

We need to be able to adapt to the massive changes coming our way because they will not stop for us. For too long we have gotten comfortable with the way things were and it has softened those skills that will help us innovate and find new solutions. This is what Disruption does — it makes us think and it makes our readers think. Disruption makes us confront and grow with the future versus hiding from it.

It is the difference between being swept downstream over a waterfall and swimming against the current to fresh land we can mold to suit our needs. It is the push off the ledge into that water that we need to take our exponential thinking from theory into action. Every quarter we have done this, we are forced to push ourselves to seek out new ideas and concepts to fill these pages with relevant information that is not being re- ported anywhere else. Only a year in and we are already so much more aware ofthe world around us – we are building our AQ and our readers’ AQ in a time when adaptability is more important than ever. This drive to learn and adapt is what pushed us through our first year of publication as our efforts were far greater than our returns. Now, as our readership has grown, and our purpose has become clear, 2019 is set to be our busiest year yet. While we plan to work just as hard as we did during these first quarters, we now have a greater following and support behind us. And for anyone who is still skeptical about the value of burning one match to light another, consider this: If no one had ever fought their way out of linear thinking, this magazine (if it existed at all) would be printed via a dot matrix printer and you would be hauling this document to read during free time, because your smartphone wouldn’t exist for you to scroll social media – which also wouldn’t exist. Even the way this magazine is primarily accessed is designed to disrupt. By making it available through audio download, we’re helping to move information from the printed world we live in to a more accessible one with voice. And, as we continue to grow, we strive to always give our readers the most disruptive new ways to enjoy our content. On a final note, I want to say that it has been an amazing first year for Disruption Magazine Canada and I am forever grateful for the support our publication has received. As we head into what is slated to be an even more amazing and disruptive year, I cannot wait to see what we come up with together. The road is wide open, and it’s our year to set the course.

Make it a great day. Ryan Vestby, CEO CompuVision

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