With a Fresh Perspective

To put it mildly, things are crazy right now.

While we were finalizing Issue 9 of Disruption magazine, the global pandemic COVID-19 was, well, disrupting the world around us. This unprecedented global event has disrupted every industry around the world, and a lot of uncertainty still remains. Circumstances change seemingly by the minute and individuals, workplaces, and industries have had to make a series of important decisions about how to best adapt to these pressures—all while keeping health and safety a top priority.

So far the COVID-19 pandemic has shown itself to be a driving force of innovation in several industries around the world. Industries have had to react by adapting new technologies sooner, or in a greater capacity. While circumstances might not be ideal, new ideas and innovations are being pushed through at a rapid rate and both industry and consumers are having to adjust.

One of the ways many companies are responding to COVID-19 is by moving to remote workplaces and utilizing virtual tools and technologies. This is something I’ve championed for a long time. Regular readers will know that we frequently write about the possibilities of remote work—in fact, this very magazine is assembled without anyone ever meeting in person. It’s a completely virtual effort of collaborators around the world with stories from some of the brightest minds across Canada. It’s possible that the situations forced by the COVID-19 pandemic might accelerate the future of online work and communications. The possibilities of digital communications technologies are endless. Check out “Work from Home: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce” for more advice on how to make a successful transition to a remote workplace.

Of course, COVID-19 has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for us all, and many people are experiencing negative effects of this pandemic beyond health concerns. Here in Edmonton, CompuVision team joined 12 other local tech companies in supporting the #YegTechCares initiative by each donating one hour’s wages to Edmonton’s Food Bank for at least the next three months while the effects of this crisis are likely to continue. I am so proud of this initiative and all of CompuVision’s employees who have risen to the challenge to do our part to help our community in these strange times.

Never before has it been so apparent that we are part of a global community. We will get through this together.

You are not alone.

Ryan Vestby, CEO, CompuVision

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