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– Salim Ismail, Exponential Growth

So welcome to Disruption Magazine, the first Canadian magazine dedicated to disruptive technology. The world of technology is moving at such an incredible rate that we can no longer reliably predict the future even a few years ahead. The more we educate ourselves on how this rate of change is going to impact us, the better we will be prepared to be a part of the trans- formation versus being a statistic of it. I believe that every organization will have to become a technology company to survive in the future world, but that mission can be overwhelming and daunting.

This magazine is the begin button. It is the connecting piece of the puzzle that may be inhibiting you to try something new. I’m incredibly excited to introduce our first issue and the amazing things we plan to discuss, introduce and maybe even disrupt, with our publication. Because disruptive technology, by nature, is like the wild west of the digital world, there’s no end to what we can do, see and explore within these pages.

At DISRUPTION, we’ll not only bring you the newest and greatest innovations in disruptive technology, we’ll also discuss and demystify the trending concepts and buzzwords flying around. Whether you’re a blockchain guru or you’ve been on a digital detox and literally just pictured a set of building blocks when you read that word, we’re creating a cool and innovative space to explore that technology in a way that will be understandable and appealing to anyone whose life and work is affected by technology, so… everyone.

We’ll also be bringing you insights from key leaders, innovators and pioneers in business and disruptive technology, like Jim Harris, who has been gracious enough to take time to lend his expertise to this first issue. As one of North America’s premier consultants in management, leadership and author of Blindsided!, a #1 international bestseller, Mr. Harris brings the kind of insight and ingenuity DISRUP- TION plans to give our readers with every issue. As a final note before we dive into the information and articles that will create the backbone of the publication, I want to take a moment to address how we, as business leaders, need to be proactive about the changes coming our way. Technology and innovation are nothing new, but as we head into a future business world fuelled with artificial intelligence, augmented reality and things that were the stuff of science fiction just a few years ago, we need to be the ones that mold and shape these developments to aid our industries.

It’s not enough to simply adapt to technology, we need to change how
we talk about innovations and how we use them before they make us obsolete. At CompuVision, we run on the mentality that we’re a 25-year old startup. We’re getting younger by staying wise to how things move and constantly striving to reinvent ourselves, to be relevant now and in business in the future.

I can’t wait to spread this way of thinking to other companies to help our readers not only face the technological changes, but to embrace them and grow smarter because of them. With that, I sincerely hope you enjoy this first issue as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Make it a great day. Ryan Vestby, CEO CompuVision

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